#2014FifaWorldcup – Brazil

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The 2014 Fifa Worldcup was very different than I thought It would be…

These are some pics of me and my friends enjoying this beautiful country, and being friendly with all the tourists who visited São Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro between June and July 2014.

I went to 4 games (Corea vs Belgium, Uruguay vs England, Argentina vs Netherlands and Brazil vs Netherlands) and let me say that the best game for me was the Argentina vs  Netherlands, the best player Lionel Messi played with the number 10 and he really is a awesome player, he is not tall, he’s also very quiet with the team, and there were some moments in which he dribbled 4 men and keep running with the ball near him… I think the media push him very hard for results and he couldn’t handle it.

Well, let me tell you that São Paulo is a big city like Mexico City, where I used to live for 27 years; and I thought that my friends wouldn’t like so much the city because exists some important issues like drug addicts on the streets, garbage, graffities, insufficient public transport and a sensation of insecurity when you walk in the streets after 18:00 when its dark, but moving on from this topics the city offered him the best… The Brazilians… friendly people who take this guys to party, to the teather, the Fifa fan fest at São Paulo, typical parties like Fiesta Junina and restaurants, stadiums, etc..

So they filled their expectations regarding Brazil, and I am very happy for it !

We can wait to visit Rusia in 2018 !

Thanks to Markinho and Roger for coming, and thanks to Candido’s Family (Andreia, Luciana, Beth and Tina) for their true friendship offered to this mexicans, including Mojica.

Thanks to ALL the Riberão Preto latin family kkkkkk, and thank you Martha for being with me in this unique adventure !!

See more pics at: Flickr Zaigo

Photographer: Rodrigo Malagón

Author: Rodrigo Malagón



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