Brazil Digital Future 2015 – by Alex Banks –

Hi, let me tell you a little bit about why I wanted to write about this topic…

Brazil ecommerce

I am mexican and I live in São Paulo, and since 3 years ago I started to sell products in the internet, the first years my item decriptions were very poor, with mixed colors, different kind of fonts, etc, and also my profit was not high.

The second year I started to read about how can I improve my profit and results, so I started to take better product pictures, to use only two fonts in the item description, to have my own logo and brand colors (visual identity) and I saw how my profits increased.

And the third year (currently) I was looking for statistics related to the brazilian market and new ways of show my brand in the internet, so I started looking for publications related to digital marketing in spanish but it was too hard to find books, and I saw on Instagram this brazilian book that I strongly recommend (I bought it in :

Estratégias de Marketing Digital e E-Commerce – Sandra R.Turchi

EstrategiasdemarketingdigitalI saw that the book was written in 2010, and much of the content is still actual, but the numbers in fact changed, so I went through the internet and I find this document that shows how the Brazilian users access to the web through mobile, desktop and both, if they are watching more videos online or not, with such important information as wich contents the people are looking for and ages, gender, etc.

I think that its very useful for the people who wants to have a better understanding of the brazilian internet culture.

Download it here & please leave a comment with your thoughts.

Link of the document written by Alex Banks of comScore

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